8488 smp4 auto farm

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  1. Hello everyone if you didn't know yet, I just opened 8488 smp4 auto farms


    running farms;

    Melon farm
    Sugar cane

    More farms to be running today

    All players that are helping;
    Apocryphan (building sugar cane and clock)
    Floflo120 (supplied)

    If you would like to help in anyway pm me
  2. Do you need any help with this?
  3. Yes please!

    I will be on in 30min or so...
  4. Bump

    Our redstone pro apocryphan has made this farm even better he added 2 new farms wheat and sugar cane and made his home made clock works every 15min and repeats it self to make this farm's drop 100% in that chest that you love

    Melon farm every 15min-5 stacks
    Sugar cane farm every 15min-4 stacks
  5. 4 dc's of melons in stock!

    With a price of only 54r for dc

    That's worth less then 1 diamond