8/9 September CSP Building Challenge

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  1. Okay, so I know there are problems on the servers, but there aren't any on single player, right?
    Here is your chance to win cool prizes!

    Since MissMadison910 is my sister, and needs help with ideas for Food Vans, you will be awarded 200r for building a food van! Everybody who submits a photo including a food van will automatically win this money.

    Here are the rest of the challenging challenges!
    (Be warned: these challenges do not include real situations)

    1. YOU have been chosen to design a park for Empire Minecraft. It must include toilets, at least 3 pieces of play equipment, and a barbecue area! The sum of money you shall win is as following:
    1st place: 800r
    2nd place: 750r
    3rd place: 450r

    2. You're an architect, and you're new task is to design a showroom presenting a new wonder-product. The stand it shall be displayed on must be 8x8 blocks. It is suggested that you publish a link to a video of how this works, although pictures are 100% acceptable also.
    The item that attracts the most votes will win 600r.

    3. Build a statue of what an Icecream Cow should look like! The most creative (in my opinion, and MissMadison910 and Bunda153's opinions) will win 1k!

    Please feel free to submit up to 3 entries, to allow everyone to join. If this competition is loved enough, I may choose to do it more often!

    Donations are much appreciated.

    I will also be giving 10 gifts away, randomly. These gifts are secret, but oh boy are they good!

  2. Cool, nice idea. I'll send in some entries, for sure.
  3. Bump! I'd like if a mod could take away the 8/9 and make it The
    please ;)

    And, also, it will end 31st September 12:00AM AWST.