756 Resort: Coming Soon!!

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  1. Hi EMC! On residence 756 owned by ThePieNinja3000, I'm building a resort that hopefully will be the best in SMP1 (at least). However I can't make it the very best without opinions. What do you want in a #1 place to relax and enjoy?

    A water slide?
    A lounge?
    A free-cookie stand?
    A water slide going into a lounge with a free-cookie stand?

    Whatever you want, I'll think about and I will probably add your idea into the resort. Either private message me or post a suggestion right onto the thread. Thank you!
    Also, rupee donations are highly needed. If you are one of the top six donaters your name will be the first thing people see!! ;) Thank you!

    (the next thread will include jobs that I may give out for a pretty good pay per month.)

    Thanks, minecraftgirl30 (MCGirl)

    (Special thanks to those who technically and physically helped)

  2. I always want water slides that go into lounges with free cookie stands. And diamonds. Always diamonds. Or obsidian works too.
  3. :) ill have to think about that one =D