7449-SMP3-Selling redstone-related things and buying redstone dust!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I have a shop on SMP3 that is still in it's infancy. Right now, I'm only selling redstone dust and repeaters. I'll be buying redstone dust soon. :D


    READ: I was just sold about 600R in redstone dust, so I am not buying right now. Sell your redstone at d1223m or 7171 for now!

    Again, the shop is at 7449 on SMP3. :)
  2. Updated prices and added pics.
  3. Looks good,maybe ill come and visit :)
  4. I think I will sell you some!
  5. Due to the fact that Solid_Crafter just sold me about 600R in redstone dust, I can't buy it right now. However, the buying shop will open soon! :D
  6. I might come in and buy redstone if i ever need it. :)
  7. Good news! The redstone dust and redstone repeater shops are now open! At the time of this post, I have ~22.25 stacks of redstone dust, and 25 repeaters. The images have been updated accordingly.