74 days,917 posts,351 likes,415k rupees later....

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  1. Hellooooo EMC....... I feel like starting another thread!

    I'm bored of EMC I've been doing nothing for the past week or so..

    I want some suggestions on what to do on EMC (That doesn't involve wild)
    (computer cant handle the wild)

    In this thread.. I'll be also answering questions of myself if you want... to ask anything..

    And I'll post a rupee and res progress.. and people I've met n stuff

    -I started on Jul 16 2012...
    -I met two guys which where.... Sebasboy99 and Skywarp84.. Both of them helped me in some things ..
    -I managed to get 36k on like the first 8 days I started this game.... buying everything that was sell-able and cheap for higher amount of worth..making the money..
    - I changed res twice because of lagg caused by neighbors farms.
    -Herbrin3 gave me a level 50 pickaxe.. Yes... Herbrin3!!! for free
    -I got banned on like 8-10th day for Being Rude and stuff...(1week)
    -Achieved ~50k at 1.3 update.
    - I ordered like 9 double chests of white wool from Castle for 10r the stack...(sold for like 64r/stack in 3 seconds after I received it ) (It was suppossed to be used for something..)
    -I got to be friends with J_A_D_E and Topdawg... and christina
    -Stuff kept going on and I made a cool house with fchurca..(I paid him like 5k) and I did some farms and things and stuff.. and a huge melon Jack o lantern wall floor ( like 50ish high 15 blocks long )
    - Changed res to be with J_A_D_E.... short while after had to change again due a neighbor having a 870+ animal farm...
    -Achieved 152k
    -Got the res I am currently...
    -I build a 60x60 Sugar cane farm,worked on brewing and sheep shearing for a while....
    - Achieved 200k...
    -Built a tiny shop out of lapis and gold blocks with stone bricks and glowstone... (17k in there)
    -Started to take autographs from cool,awesome important people..
    -Achieved 300k some while later
    -Got 340k this sunday...
    -Got 370k this Monday.
    - Tried to join the cutharnia huge outpost place but computer is too awful to wistand the wild..
    - Now I got 415k as of now...

    ^^^^ The lasts things went like that cause.... I had been barely on due that time cause EMC got me bored.... and met nothing important

    So... What would your suggestions be? What would your questions towards myself be?!
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  2. Make an epic skyscraper, you have enough money to do it ;)
  3. I forgot to mention I'm really lazy.. and I'm not into HUGE things as I never finish them
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  4. I haven't even got pased 100K...
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  5. Why...?
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  6. I don't have any real means of income, as the stuff I get from the wild, I use for stuff.
  7. I haven't even got passed the 40k....
  8. You can't be that lazy if you have 415k :p
  9. I am lazy and very.... I've given up so easly for many projects....
    Example setting up a double blaze i got.... finishing my iron golem farm.. finishing some other stuff.. and lots of things i've quited because im just lazy.. :p
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  10. Then how do you make money?
    That can't involve laziness.
  11. I just buy stuff... and poof.. money.
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  12. Buying stuff makes money?
    Wish I knew that before.
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  13. And then there are us there was around 3mil :)
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  14. Only 74 days? wow u went fast! Im at about 250 days and had about 160k at my peak :) (but then i did have my rupees reset twice...
  15. Yeah..the only rule of Merching... Example...
    I got some suppliers whom can sell me diamonds for 20-30r each...
    Then I go on and sell them for lets say 38-39r..
    I'm still on like x2 the profit margin AND I'm selling lower than the competition,therefore insuring me i'll always be selling them :p
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  16. I also have the same problem with you.I have a flash project but I just let it rot right now.
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  17. What about me?!?
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