730 Needs Stockers

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  1. Hello, the 730 FPS Friendly Mall needs some stockers to help stock the store...

    We are currently in need of all gems/ores, animal spawn eggs, wood logs, tree leafs, common blocks.

    The server is SMP1 and res number is 730 if you haven't figured it out already.
  2. I'll do it! I'll be a common stocker!
  3. you need stalkers?!?! Ill stalk you guys
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  4. Same!
  5. I can provide dirt
  6. I should be able to help. I have some animals that I could sell you. And a lot of leaves XD.
  7. Ill attempt at what ever is needed i guess. just PM me ingame
  8. An fps friendly mall? I didn't know there was such a thing!

    Sadly, I cannot stock because I don't have the time/materials to do so.
  9. Cows? Crueltry-free? Oak wood, planked or bare? And no beacons=fps friendly.
  10. Mods close thread, we just got a HUGE shipment