7072 Shopping Center.

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  1. Forget The Competition!
    Come To /v 7072
    We Sell Guaranteed Cheapest!


    Selling All Blocks!
    Just go Mining?

    Want The Best For Your Money?

    Then Come 7072!

    I Make It Cheap So You Don't need to look!

    What Are you waiting for?

    /v 7072
    @ Smp3

  2. Which smp?
  3. Ok, thank you:)
  4. how much is iron
  5. Wow, I'm fortunate that this is on SMP3. LOL (says the guy from SMP6)
  6. Website Lauching Soon!

    Check this Thread For Info Soon!

    Remember Shop,

    /v 7072!

  7. Do you sell any stone bricks or coal cheap?
  8. Copied d1' a bit ;P
    Then again, who doesn't?
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  9. Cool. I might stop and buy something.
  10. I could sell either 4454 (smp2)
  11. By the way jow do you make it so you can link a page like that
  12. Co ivonator123
  13. sorry but please dont advertise on others threads
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  14. How nice it is for people to respond to this. I see no response from people when I advertised :(

    Still, I visited your store a lot of times. Bought a lot of necessity from your store.

    Keep up the good work :D
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