700 Days

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  1. Well hello Empire,

    I've recently been told (within the last hour) that today is my 700th day here on, and more importantly my 700th day on SMP2.

    For those of you who were with me back in my first few weeks of the Empire here are some memory shots from an old Spotlight Video.

    So in true community form I present you all with the opportunity to ask me a single question each (this does not mean you can use alternate accounts to ask multiple questions).

    Have a good day everyone and I look forward to sharing your own 700th day here on Empire with you!
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  2. Good job on youre 700th day on EMC, and did you ever change server?

    going for the 700 mark aswell :D
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  3. Here are a lovely collection of images taken by our very own AlexChance of my residence as it stands today, in exactly the same spot, only now bigger.
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  4. Congrats on 700 days :)
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  5. Wooo! Congratz another smp2'er :D