700 days of battmeghs!

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  1. Empire Loves!

    how is everyone? i am here to announce my birthday and 700 days of Empire Minecraft! :)
    *dance dance*
    i gave away secret items to one winner! thanks for playing!

    - please no alts, everything must be fair for everyone.
    - you may ask questions for me to answer, i love answering things. lol
    - you may share any stories you have that we've been through, that would be a great flashback!
    - everyone is allowed to join in on the love and pick a number!

    1. B4DMAN5IMON
    2. penfoldex
    3. FireHose_Dragon
    4. SkyDragonv8
    5. Dwight5273
    6. Zerofelero
    7. Bevk56
    8. marine4121
    9. yankees518
    10. nick_godoy
    11. Mossiknights
    12. Faithcaster
    13. deathconn
    14. Haerhitman
    15. JaydenFerrer123
    16. HylianNinja
    17. Luckypat
    18. flamingpotato42
    19. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    20. Mindlegokid
    21. FDNY21
    22. dresden72
    23. bitemenow15
    24. Darkangledav
    25. hashhog3000
    26. lucas3226
    27. Dboyzus
    28. akela132
    29. AliceF3
    30. Thundereco
    31. PlayTehMinecraft
    32. DemonThunber345
    33. Kman122000
    34. southpark347
    35. boozle628
    36. Gabrielrocks69
    37. generalfelineo015
    38. TomvanWijnen
    39. Olaf_C
    40. BobTheTomato9798
    41. AmusedStew
    42. NetherWorld666
    43. princebee
    44. PureBredGaeilge
    45. WeirdManaico
    46. TigerstarMC
    47. WolfThunderblade
    48. brickstrike
    49. BTHarrold98
    50. xothix_dwarf
    51. spidey329
    52. snow_freak
    53. SuperVal_Junior
    54. Gap542
    55. Eclipsys
    56. wolfegab
    57. Runningrhino
    58. Sunny_Chicken
    59. Kev20022
    60. xxherpusderpusxx
    61. xHaro_Der
    62. Jwlpo
    63. Shon14
    64. autumnrain26
    65. Equinox_Boss
    66. jrm531
    67. Gadget_AD
    68. Leopard_Knight
    69. bob23646
    70. Kells18
    71. Ark_Warrior1
    72. hallandr721
    73. cowland123
    74. marknaaijer
    75. weeh666
    76. Qwerty189
    77. samsimx
    78. TheSpyPie

    - here i'd like to thank every single one of you for being here, the friends i've made here are amazing and i couldn't have ever expected any of this when i joined this amazing place almost 2 years ago. <3
    ready set go!
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  2. What is your favorite single issue of Batman? 16, please.
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  3. Congrats on your 700th EMC birthday! I would like #7, please
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  4. I've always wondered, why do you love Batman so much?
    Um, 29 please :p
  5. i like The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.. not really sure though as they are all neat in their own ways.

    i honestly have no idea xD
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  6. 42. Whats your favorite color and why?
    Also, what all do you remember from when you first joined?
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  7. Dun nanana, dun nanana; battmeghs!
    Have you played any of the Batman games? (I would think so)
    Which is your favorite?
    Number 33 please.
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  8. 43 plz.
    Have you read The Batman: Knightfall series?
  9. 77! Who do you like other than batman?
  10. 9
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  11. 32 if you could change the world. What would you do?
  12. 24 please :) do you like ice creammm
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  13. my favorite color is cyan, its such a pretty blue/greenish kinda mix. though i really enjoy Easter colors, light pastels are so pretty :D

    when i first joined there were only 5 servers, i wasn't a supporter for the first week i joined xD but before then it was SO hard to log into a server because they were so completely full. i had a res on SMP3 where it was farms to the max that supported my small shop i had.. i build a wool art Pikachu that i was so proud of xD lol
    at the gate of my res i made a German flag to fly over my house... i refused to go to the wild as i hated mobs and evil things.. those were definitely the good days!
    i actually have NOT played any batman games at all... lol
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  14. ken i haz 47 pl0x

    if batman was a walrus, what wud u call him... like batwalrus, or walrusman, or something else...?
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  15. # 13 please
    I remember when you went on Smp7 and saw that huge Christmas tree. I remember it like it was yesterday :p
    And what's your best memory of every Smp?
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  16. i have not, :p
    IRONMAN! <3
    that is an awful long list of things! as someone who's never been lucky, and someone who's constantly being put down, degraded and unappreciated lol i'd want all those negative things to go away.. but does that really qualify for an answer? i am unsure.
    ... correction, i LOVE ice cream.. my best friend used to tell me when i'd pile over a bowl of ice cream that he didn't understand how i wasn't the size of an elephant xD
  17. 39 please. How did you get addicted to batman?
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  18. batarus? lmao
    :p oh my gosh! i remember that like it was yesterday too! ;) smp7 i used to have the cutest little store with stuff you could get on a few hour trip to the wild.. i had glow stone floating all over the place with a nice little sign made with wool out front and a pool around it. it was such a cute little shop.. i got complimented from it a few times. smp5 because mob arena's are amazing.. lol
    my dad got me the comics when i was little, which turned into batman car things, and it just exploded from there.. lol
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  19. recently i bought a house, and we just got all settled in in the last few days! what a way to start the new year! :D
    .. the garland is a bit scarce, it was 10 degrees outside and i felt like at least making it fit Christmas just a tiny bit xD

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