70% remaining, used, CHEAP, silk touch diamond pick.

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  1. at 70% left, i dont have a use for it, and decided to sell it.

    bidding starts at 1000r.
    increments by 100r.
    auction ends 12hrs after LAST bidder.
    winner will have a chest at lot 4414 set up for them.
  2. Your thread title clashes with your original post, is the pick 70% remaining use, or 30% remaining use? :)
  3. its 70% remaing use haha i was very confused on how to type it. how do you change titles of threads?
  4. I'll take care of it for you, it can be a tricky term to express in short sentences. :)

    As far as cheap goes, it may have been at the start, but it certainly won't be at the end. :p
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  5. thanks a lot shuan
  6. i bought one with silk touch 1 and unbreaking 3 for 5k, could i really sell JUST level 1 silk touch for 9k?
  7. u could if u had some 1 who had rupees that they dont care about :)
  8. Hey tshak xD ill give you 10K for that lol
  9. no thanks XD