646 Days of EMC

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  1. Hello people,

    I just wanted to say that i just passed a huge milestone of being online on a server: 646 days.
    But i have a problem now, thanks to me being so long on the server, I have littarly no idea of what is can do, I remade my res about 3 times, and i enjoyed that, so now I would like to start a small comunity that will build a (base) at my res to help the people that just arrived and need help, something like the EMC Wiki but than ingame, I Always play on SMP 3 and i Would love to see some reactions to see if it is actualy possible to get the helping ''clan'' up and running.

    greeting from,
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  2. sounds interesting, if you did that it would have be a res close to spawn.
  3. well there is the problem, my res it at the edge of town (littarly the edge round) so i might tag my res with something like: ''helpdesk''
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