6310 on smp3 is my mall (ENWehr)....

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  1. according to this thread http://empireminecraft.com/threads/im-286-days-old-and-not-a-well-known-member.15675/#post-270319 that I posted a few days ago, you guys want more items sold at my lot. Please visit my lot, look around, and tell me what you would want me to add. I'm not going to add a lot but I'm gonna add some, so don't suggest I add everything that I don't already sell because I wont add everything.

    Also, if you look around and see a price you don't like, tell me and I'll see what I can do to lower it (or if your crazy, raise it).
  2. I need jungle saps. About 36 or more. Do you have these?
  3. yes. i got almost 2 stacks in stock. Please visit my mall and look around.
  4. Do you have any wolf eggs? Every time I visit your shop it's out of stock... :(
  5. I have none atm. They come and go. If one comes in stock ill let you know via pm or through a private conversation here on the website.
  6. Okay, thanks :)