60r Villager Eggs available at SMP1, 2114.

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  1. I specialize in villager eggs, come to SMP1, res #2114
  2. No one really buys villager eggs anymore. If you joined around a month ago, you could make a lot of money. I suggest wolf or ocelot eggs.
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  3. Alright, is there a way to delet the thread?
  4. You can get a mod to. You don't have to stop selling them, people still buy them, but I would sell other eggs to. :)
  5. villagers will be good for sumthing in 1.3
  6. Just over 2 stacks left.
  7. That is not cheap it should be 40r
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  8. Remember that eggification in the wild costs 100r. Now you can't breed villagers in town, the price will probably rise. I think 60r is quite reasonable to be honest.
  9. All sold out! Sold over 5 stacks. Thank you guys!
  10. Darn I need some for my project. rawr.