600th Day Scavenger Hunt! PRIZES!!!

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Are you going to this scavenger hunt?

YES! 7 vote(s) 38.9%
no 3 vote(s) 16.7%
potato (also yes) 8 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Finally turning 600 days old on EMC!!!

    The past week I've been wondering what I should do for my 600th day.
    I thought of a competition or giveaway but it just didn't seem to be the funnest way to get something cool! Then I made a forums to ask what I should do for this epic day, then someone replied and gave me an idea of a Scavenger Hunt and I thought it was an awesome idea! SOOOOOOOO…

    This hunt for prizes will start tomorrow (November 17th) at 7PM EST its all over now

    This is kinda of like a giveaway but you have to find the items to get the prize!!!
    Total chests: 50
    Location: SMP7 on my 4 reses!
    Anyone can go!!!

    Questions that may be asked:

    What are in the chest?
    Can be from really cheap stuff like dirt to something like an independence day firework.
    There are diamonds and enchanted books hidden all over a amount of 4 reses total!!

    Why can't I visit your res?
    Well my reses are where the scavenger is hosted tomorrow. I don't want anyone to see what is hidden before it even starts xD
    (To be continued)

    Big thanks to all my amazing friends on that I have met since I've joined EMC! :D
    Wouldn't have had as much fun if it weren't for you guys :)
    Thanks to Darkangledav I wouldn't have thought to do this without him :D
    and to kuraudochuu for helping set up the chests :)
  2. Woohoo! Gz on your 600th day doe! :D <3
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  3. Grats on 600! I'll try to be there :)
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  4. Yay thanks guys :D
  5. Cant be there because of wonderful, stupid school :/
  6. Can't go to your res, also congratz cute :D
  7. Its on purpose cause nobody can see where the access chests are till it begins and thanks :D
  8. aw man :(
  9. I'll be there! Grats on 600th day!
  10. yay thanks :D
  11. i might be there Grats on the 600th Day :p
  12. awesome see you there :)
    thanks :D
  13. I might be able to, if I can remember :D
  14. Last bump! I'm going out and I will be home around 6:30ish
  15. i'll try to be there
  16. il go as well congrats
  17. Starting any minute now, don't miss out on this!
  18. good turn out :D
    thanks for an amazing 600th day!