600th Day Give Away!!!

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  1. Hey Everyone! :)
    As the title says, Tommorow is my 600th day on Emc and will be doing a little give away :)
    I have loved my entire time on Empire Mine Craft, and plan to stay on it for a much longer time. How to Enter? Pick a number from 1-40. Tommorow i will pick 3 numbers, and the prizes being...
    1st- My head, A zombie virus, 1 stack and a half of XP bottles and 750r
    2nd- My head, Power IV book, Smite IV book, Sharpness III book and 500r
    3rd- My head, 3 stacks of mossy cobble stone and 250r
    Also if you want to ask any questions (not a must lol) or want to know something a little about me just ask ;)
    Thanks Emc For an amazing 600 days!!!
  2. Congratulations on 600 days! :)

    I'll take 7 :p
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  3. I piiiiiiick 3! 3 3 3 3 3 3! XD
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  4. 30, please. How have you enjoyed your EMC experience?
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  5. Ill take 39 please :) Happy 600!
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  6. I choose 27, and congratz in your 600 EMC days :D
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  7. 26 please! :)
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  8. 28 please, congrats on 600th :D
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  9. I will pick the numbers maybe at around 12:00 Eastern Time ;)
  10. 14 Please and well done on 600 days !
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  11. 5. Nice on the 600 days of playing!
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  12. 18 please, congrats on your 600 days
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  13. Winners Are chosen!
    1st place- Qwerty189
    2nd place- Pavi259
    3rd place- GeneralFelino015
    Congrats to the 3 who won! Pick up is on res 6868 on smp3
    Thanks guys!
  14. *gasps* :D
    Amazingness :)
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