600 days on empireminecraft

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  1. hey guys,
    Today is my 600ste day on empireminecraft!!!
    I still like the empire, and i`m not gona leave the empire!

    600 days ago a friend of my say, hey pascal i know a good minecraft server (empireminecraft) and i joined the empire, i realy like that and say that to friends, they say to me YEAH IT IS A REALY COOL SERVER!! But they quit :(.
    After a long time we build the first 9000, it was realy epic! I was proud on myself (and bloodra1n), and now we are gona build a epic new 9000!

    The empire is a place to made friends (not real) and i did! I made friends on it, people I'm talking to every day. And that is why I love the empire <33

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  2. waiting to be on for 9000 or 1881 days
  3. who where the people
  4. just friends of me