600 days [AMA]

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  1. You kids get off my lawn...

    I am 600 days old. I feel old. I have been in the empire for 600 whole days. Yeah. So, yeah.
    Yet I still have not taken over EMC, I am happy to have been in this community for such a long time, you people are so nice, and interesting. So AMA!

    Yes I do think nick is pretty.
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  2. Do you like pizza?
  3. What projects do you work on your reses?
  4. Yes, I enjoy pizza, especially meatlovers.

    I don't exactly have 'projects', I just build on my reses and see if it looks nice.
  5. Iz u mai nife budie?
  6. mayb
  7. What is your favorite type of pie? :3
  8. Pumpkin.
  9. do you ever use ZoeBearFun any more?
  10. You think you are old? I must look like this then

    710 days old.
  11. i'm listening to Harry Potter right now xD
  12. Harry Potter? I didn't know Harry went to the Red Wedding.
  13. That looks like the actor who plays Filch :oops:
  14. Oooh true, but I was speaking of Walder Frey :D
  15. oh haha right, i've never seen that movie, only Harry Potter :oops:
  16. It's a book!
  17. This thread died.
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  18. I know, my condolences
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  19. Hmmmm wonder whyyy? ;)