600 Days AMA and Giveaway!

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  1. Hello EMC!!
    On Friday I will have reached my WHOPPING 600th day on EMC! To celebrate
    I am hosting this little thing.
    This is how the giveaway will go.
    Ask a question and you will be assigned the next number in the series of available numbers!
    And guess what the prize is! A BEACON!!! Only 100 slots are open for this so ask away! You may only enter once and with your account NO ALTERNATES!
    The list will be updated any rime I am able to. :)

    1. Cordial_Pie
    2. AmusedStew
    3. 333kirby
    4. Electrbomb
    5. jtc0999
    6. nick5013
    7. generalfelino015
    8. pateraterick
    9. Choongjae
    10. EpicWeow5
    11. T1zzle120
    12. jacob5089
    13. penfoldex
    14. collect12
    15. SpaerToaster
    16. Curundu
    17. IamSaj
    18. TheTrufflehunter
    19. cddm95ace
    20. Xxandster700xX
    21. plasma131
    22. techguy2727
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  2. Oh. My. God.
    Bro do you even lift?
  3. any number please
  4. 42 please
    Do you play other games besides Minecraft?
  5. Yes. I lift the Internet on my shoulders with pure awesome.
    Please enter in the form of a question.
    The number will be assigned based on availability.
    And yes, here is a picture of my Steam Library: Steam.png
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  6. 69 please.
  7. What's the strangest thing you've ever been asked?
  8. Do you remember the golden age of decimal rupees?
  9. how big is the largest tv in the house? (in inches) If you dont have one say the length of the computer screen
  10. Dead Island?
    You have riptide yet?
  11. Do you think I'm pretty?
  12. Dude, you are the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I will not lie.
  13. What is TFG? And congrats for your 600 days, omg that is a lot of time, give me any number please :D
  14. Go to sleep
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  15. Maybe in an hour or two.
  16. Congrats on 600 days! My number will be probably 42. If 42 is taken then 25. If 25 is taken then 72.
  17. Do you play league of legends? :D
  18. 66 please, and gratz! Whats your favorite color?
  19. Hey uh, guys.. You don't choose yo numbers... If bob was the 15th one to post, the next poster gets number 16. (I believe)

    Yo, do you like potatoes? If he friggin doesn't say yes..
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  20. 36, Do you like sea lions?