600 Day Drop!

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Do you think this Drop Party will be awesome!

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YES! 15 vote(s) 100.0%
No... :( 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. For my 600th day on EMC, I am deciding to have a Drop Party! 600 days is a lot, and I wanted to celebrate it by giving a bunch of awesome stuff away! The drop party will be held on December 19th of 2013! It will be on smp1 at my 4th residence 2146. It will be held at 5:00 P.M Mountain Time. I won't be adjusting the time so I am sorry if you can not make it. Anyways, some awesome stuff will be given out and I hope to see you all there! :D
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  2. Woops, I didn't want the vote to be publicly visible, anyway to change it?
  3. sweet I'll be there
  4. Nice, can't wait to see you there :)
  5. I hope i can come, i just hope this turns out better than the last drop party i went to, i walked away with 7 stacks of dirt
  6. Don't worry, there will be good stuff :D
  7. I dont doubt that, i just hope my luck isnt as bad as last time
  8. Party tomorrow! Can't wait! :D
  9. What time do you have now mister 8comimi?
  10. I want to drop with you, for tomorrow is my 600th day as well, but I'll be at school then :(
  11. If you want to drop with me, just bring some items on over! :D Remember, 5:00 P.M. TODAY! Mountain time. If you aren't in mountain time, look up what it translates to. :)
  12. Starts in 30 minutes
  13. 7 minutes! If your coming, might want to come now. :p
  14. Aaaand just got back from school :/
    Oh well, at least winter break just started :D
  15. Winter break starts Saturday for me.