555 Days on EMC AMA and Giveaway!

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  1. Hey guys!
    It's hard to believe it's been nearly 555 days :O
    I was going to do something for 500, but it never happened. So why not 555? Hooray!

    WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. Expect mail soon if you have won.

    Ask me things! Literally, anything. You could ask me where the lifeboats are, to which I might respond "Well, judging by the position of the moon and the sun, probably at the bottom of the ocean with lots of little holes in them." (This is from Llamas in Hats 2, link here if you enjoy llamas. The video is kind of dark, so be warned.)

    My accomplishments on EMC include:
    • Eating pancakes
    • Stuff
    • More stuff
    • Making dirt houses
    • ...If I think of any more, I will let you know
    But really, I have done some fun and cool stuff here. I've won a few Mob Arenas, even won an end of the month round and got a super fancy Arena Longbow, which I of course sold right away (facepalm). I may or may not be the one responsible for Not Special Dirt... I run a few businesses, Minecraft Mail and (temporarily) samsimx's infinite villager service, which are both lots of work but fun and rewarding. I love spending huge sums of money on things I don't need! Yay! I recently joined the contribution team! I enjoy every day of EMC.

    1. Free month subscription to Minecraft Mail) - Kev20022
    2. Free paper infinite villager (before 1.8) - ChickenButler
    3. Maxarian Head - SkareCboi
    4. Cupid Bow - porphos
    5. Lucky Bow - Chizmaro
    6. Best comment winner will be contacted privately :)

    So, now for the giveaway. Stuff will be added steadily as I think of it. If you wanna sign up, just post in the comments below, no specific numbers because it's confusing. Random drawing will be held on my 555th day. Also, the person with the best question *determined by me* will receive something special.

    • Free month subscription to Minecraft Mail (will be in book form, so you can sell if you want)
    • Free paper infinite villager (before 1.8)
    • Maxarian Head
    • Cupid Bow
    • Lucky Bow
    • More things soon.
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  2. Where are the lifeboats?
    Gratz on 555 days! :3 :3 :3
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  3. How will you be spending your 666 days?
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  4. Gratz! Why did you choose emc?
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  5. How many mob arenas have you won :p
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  6. What games you play apart of MC? Also congratz :D.
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  7. Well, judging by the position of the moon and the sun, probably at the bottom of the ocean with lots of little holes in them.
    Difficulty 10 (if it is out by then xP) fighting mobs with a brick and no armor!
    My brother actually found EMC and I was like "Hey, cool, a Minecraft server that isn't bad!" Been my happy home ever since :D
    Honestly, I don't know. I think the MAW Arena was the first or second I won... Probably second, then I took a big break, and won 2 or 3 more since then... sooo around 4-5. Not too too many, but it was a fun ride :D
    Just got an Xbox One the other day (brace for PS4 supremacists) and been playing some Titanfall and COD Ghosts. Frankly disappointed in Ghosts, I definitely prefer Treyarch's style to Infinity Ward. Titanfall seems fun, but only had time to play 1 game. I also dabble in Borderlands 2 and Don't Starve.
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  8. Congrats on 555 days! How did you find EMC?
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  9. What is your favorite thing about EMC
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  10. congrats on so many days on EMC! also how is it that you came about your name and what do you think would be or was your biggest goal on emc?
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  11. Congrats. And also, Why are the waffles in the dishwasher?
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  12. Congrats.What/who gave you the idea of starting Minecraft Mail?
  13. Like I said before, my brother found it, I started playing and was hooked.
    I was playing bananagrams when I was 6 or 7, mushed a bunch of tiles together and that's where bemvino came from. 87 is my favorite number. I actually am planning to get a new account/change name to something else whenever that functionality comes out. I have the name, not gonna say it here though because it's good and I don't want it taken xP
    Hurm. My biggest goal would probably be 1 million rupees; I have earned easily that much in aggregate and probably could get there if I sell some stuff, but I like stuff!
    Because we were out of fresh strawberries and I didn't wanna go to the gym.
    It's based mostly off of Lootcrate. When I first heard of EMC's planned mail feature, I thought it would be more like /tell, only players could be offline. When I noticed it could be used to send items, I was really excited and I immediately thought of Lootcrate, not sure why xP Nothing really happened for a few weeks, then one day I was like "Ya know what, I'm doing it!" And that was that.
  14. Make that 5-6 mobarenas won hehe
  15. What is your favourite EMC Custom Item?
    Congratulations on 555 days bemvino, I have seen and talked to you a fair amount, and we are now both on the same team and it will be good fun working together! :D
  16. Hmm... Unofficial custom item is your soul, of course. Besides that though... Probably "bemvino87's Combat Brick". Or maybe Not Special Dirt.
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  17. Why must the good die young?!?!?
    Grats! :D
  18. Because leg monsters.
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  19. Seems legit!
  20. If the life boats where deployed, where is the ship? Is I the supporter sea? Blow up? on the moon?!? in the sun? On my head? Or some where else? I must know :confused:

    Congratz on 555 days of EMC and ur contributer status