5275 Track/Stables Opeining!

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Are You Coming?

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  1. I have just today put the finishing touches on my stables/track :). So that means I have to hold a party and that party is free breeding and racing with prizes:D! Over the next few weeks I'll be putting finishing touches and everything but I hope everyone can come! info will be put in the next reserved post :D.
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  2. Races and breeding at:

    Sunday May (5) 17 2015 (5/17/15) at 5:00 PM EMC (EST) Time at the res 5275, see you there!

    Pics found here: http://imgur.com/a/SNWH4
  3. I have a trak also
  4. Cool! Very wide and big! :) Looks better than mine.
  5. im thinking of making another track on my res on smp6 res num 12512
  6. Races are at 5:00 PM EMC time there will be prizes
  7. 2 hours until it starts bump