5222- Public Utopian Res Farm!

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  1. Boring introduction:

    When reflecting about how many things non-supporters could actually do on utopia, I realized that a nice addition could be a public farm- all piston powered. So, I went ahead and unclaimed my first res, and moved it to utopia, more specifically 5222. There will be 4 nearly normal res sized farms, for cacti, melons, pumpkins and sugar cane. All of these will be piston powered (except with the possibility of cactus), which anyone will be able to use by stepping on pressure plates. So far, I have 4 sugar cane "rows" up, and will increase this as fast as I can.

    So, in short:

    Where: 5222, on utopia.empire.us

    How: /v 5222....

    Types of farmable plants:
    Cactus, melons, pumpkins, sugar cane

    Size of each farm:
    Approximately one normal sized res, I believe the exact number is 57 square blocks

    Current farms up:

    4 rows of sugar cane farm

    And the inevitable "donation" section:

    Let me make this clear: donations are not necessary, but they are definitely appreciated. This farm is going to use a ton of pistons, and I'm not sure I can get all of them quickly by myself. If you donate, you will be added to a list of donators, and a free sign advertisement, with your choice of message (provided it follows all emc rules), will be placed underneath your place on the donator wall, which will be in a spawn building which I have yet to build.

    Day 1:
    Day 2:

    Also, I am looking for a name. Suggestions would be great!
  2. Do you need sticky or regular pistons?
  3. Regular. If I needed sticky pistons I would have never attempted this :p
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  4. I'll see if I can cobble together some pistons for you.
    EDIT: You should set up a piston donation chest shop.
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  5. Gah, didn't see the edit until this morning, and I gtg to school in a few minutes. I'll get it done as soon as I'm back.
  6. I will donate pistons and any redstone needed.
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  7. Awesome idea! Thanks:)
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  8. Sell chests and donation chests set up, yes the sell chest is capped. Atm, I'm at the point where I can't really afford someone dumping in a double chest of pistons or something...
  9. So, now I feel bad for not editing my previous comment, but it's kinda hard to notice one line of text with a large image above it, so I'll post my thought here. I still need a name, and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  11. Bump, added a spawn room.
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  12. Will this have underground and floating farms???
    If so I have the right to say cooollll
  13. Pro, I have a couple of stacks of pistons to donate for you, but I don't want to sell them to you. Access chest at the House of Chicken at 5353
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  14. I haven't decided about this yet, floating farms is a possibility, and I may add underground farms as a donator reward.
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  15. How 'bout

    Combo Farming
    Multiply Foods
    Large-Range Farming
  16. I took down the sell chests because it looked out of place, if you have a donation pm me or reply to this thread and I'll work things out ;)

    In other news, the melon and sugar cane farms are half done, and I got one row of pumpkins done.
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  17. So, after much procrastination, the res is approximately 3/8ths done. This means I have completed 3 rows of melons, sugar cane, and pumpkins. I'm thinking on possible ways to make the cactus farm have separate collection zones, and have one in mind that probably will work.
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  18. So, after some thought, I've decided to remove the cactus farm (cue horrified sounds).

    My decision was based on a few things:

    One, it seems like no one likes cactus. I can't seem to sell it.
    Two, the biome that the cactus farm would have been is a taiga. The design I would have used has an open water design, so the water would have frozen... a lot...
    Three, some of my friends and I are working on a project, which this would be an appropriate place for.

    Apologies for those who wanted cactus, however, I do have one on smp4's 9012, in the basement. Feel free to use that.

    In other news, hotel internet is terrible, so I'll be waiting until I get home (tomorrow) to continue building.
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  19. I know what he is doing and i am not telling anyone.
    Now have fun going crazy while i do not tell you what he is doing :D
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  20. 10k, headed your way:D the ad will be: EMC auction house, 18985* smp9*
    *= different line. you can rearrange as necesarry, though.
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