509: Now Hiring

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  1. Wassup Everyone!

    As you may or may not know, I own a fairly popular Mega-Mall on SMP1 at residence 509. Well, theres been one problem with it....
    Theres almost nothing in stock anymore!

    The Solution
    Im hiring a couple dozen people to stock certain items such as:
    All ingots, all ores, all sand items, all stone items, all colored wools, all wooden items, all redstone items, and nether and end items. Each section will consist of 2-4 people, and I may get up to 6 wool stockers. If there are any other blocks I am not naming and the have a decent abundance of them, just name it and I'll decide whether or not I will hire you to stock it.

    The Pay
    Depends what you stock and how much of it, I will pay a pretty decent amount.
    Note: The more you sell me the more i will pay. For example, if you sell me 2 stacks of sandstone I would pay less per stack then if you sold me 15 stacks, follow?

    How to Apply
    What you want to stock:
    How much of it you have:
    Will you stay dedicated to stocking and not make it a one time thing:


    UPDATE: Now supplying shears for the wool suppliers
  2. jayjay2495
    Smooth Sandstone
    None, but collecting a lot of it
    I'm dedicated to it
  3. Perfect, I do need sandstone, do you only have smooth or can you also collect regular?
  4. I need people to apply! :p
  5. Southpark347
    I have almost a double chest of it
    I always go out and hoard more of it and I guess it can go to restocking now :) pretty dedicated to ice for some reason

    Side Note: I'm at work today so I won't be back till later :(
  6. Hmm, I can buy it, is there anything on the list you can stock?
  7. Im gonna need a lot more suppliers to open :p
  8. Cmon guys, I'm sure you guys got blocks to sell!
  9. Name: <<<<
    What you want to stock: Iron
    How much of it you have: Half a stack of blocks, more to come.
    Will you stay dedicated to stocking and not make it a one time thing: As much as I can! :p
  10. Perfecto :)
  11. Any more sellers? theres gotta be some out there :)
  12. mattadkins1
    stone,stone bricks
    got a half dc of each and up due to my gens
    i will stay dedicated
  13. Accepted, thanks for applying!
  14. Jay2a
    About 16 stacks
    I will try to be dedicated
  15. Hmm, is there anything on the list you can stock?
  16. You said nether and end material. I can stock endstone and obsidian.
  17. 333kirby
    Oak Wood
    If I really work, I can get you about 15 stacks an hour. But that's high, so only expect 9 or 10.
    Probably, I farm when I'm bored, which is very often now.
  18. Accepted! Notify me when you wanna start
    Ill take the obsidian, i dont need the endstone, sorry :p