509 Mega-Mall Official Opening Thread!!

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  1. Thank You!
    First of all, thank you guys so much to those who have donated supplies and there time to complete this project!

    So, back to the point, I am opening SMP1'S Fastest Growing Mega-Mall.
    At the moment, there is no Tools & Armor section or Food & Nature section, simply because they usually dont sell well. If you'd like any Tool, Armor, Nature, or Food, say so in the thread ( If enough people request these items I will add a Section for them both).

    Whats the Point of Making a thread for the opening of the mall?
    Well, with school starting up again, I wont be on as often therefor I will only sign in to restock
    (Most of the time :) ) so please reply to this thread if you find somthing out of stock. Thanks :)

    1 Last Thing,
    If you need something bulk, I will do the best I can to supply that for you.

    Wishing 509 the best of luck! Thank Y'all!!!!!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, we do have a Suppliers section for those of you who like selling your extra items for rupees!
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  2. When is the Mall opening?
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  3. your out of diamonds :/
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  4. Jeanzl2000 is out of money
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  5. Well it might go back Under Construction if people want Nature & Food and Tools & Armor sections
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  6. *gasp*
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  7. buckle can u tell jeanzell to get more money i want to sell glowstone for 17r to u guys
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  8. Lol we lost a fortune from that, it is not expected to buy glowstone anywhere over 15r
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  9. i m happy to sell 15r glowstone to u can u set up a sign instead
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  10. 15r max...im probably gonna buy it 12r each to start out with :)
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  11. plz dont do 12r no one will sell to u
    do 15r minium
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  12. That's the point you see, I have so much glowstone atm prices will go up as i start to sell a lot of my glowstone
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  13. u mean jeanzell has lots of glowstone
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  14. Jeanzl2000 does have a lot, although i still have more then enough.
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  15. Will you sell diamond to 509 for 35r?
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  16. I've bought 5 glowstone for 4 rupees.
    So is basically 1.25 rupees per glowstone. ( I bought it out, their was like 5 stacks )
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  17. New competition I see... * crack prices...
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  18. Nice!
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  19. nope
    these are items i can supply
    BlazeRod (have Lots)
    Sand (Have Lots)
    glowstone (Have Lots)
    ender perls
    eye of enders
    SLIME! (Have Lots)
    VILLAGER EGGS! (Have Lots)
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  20. diamonds for 42r (lots)
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