500r Newbie Starter Packs!

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  1. Hey there all EMC newbies, and welcome! You've just joined and earnt yourself a whole bunch of ultra cool stuff in the tutorial, but do you ever wish for more? Maybe you dream of being a farmer on EMC, but you haven't got the money to buy eggs just yet, or maybe you want to enchant some tools, but you haven't got an enchantment table, and wouldn't even dream of owning one for a while. Well, this pack is for you!

    I've put together a pack of items just short of being a full single chest, to sell to the new players of EMC! Players interested in purchasing this pack must be 30 days old or less.

    This mighty fine pack consists of:
    + 64 Oak Logs
    + 64 Sandstone
    + 64 Cobblestone
    + 2 Chests
    + 1 Enderchest
    + 1 Enchantment Table
    + 2 Anvils
    + 8 Sheep Eggs
    + 8 Cow Eggs
    + 8 Chicken Eggs
    + 4 Bottle o' Enchantings
    + 1 Water Bucket
    + 8 Torches
    + 32 Sugar Cane
    + 32 Iron Ingots
    + 16 Wheat Seeds
    + 16 Melon Seeds
    + 16 Pumpkin Seeds

    As a newbie, you can use the items in this pack, or you can even go to a store to sell them! This will help you kickstart your time here on EMC.

    In order to purchase, please send 500r to my alt account MAD1S0N (do /pay mad1s0n 500). 24 hours after the purchase your pack will be ready to pick up from /v +m spc UNLESS otherwise stated in a DM from myself.

    If you would like to view the chest go to /v +m starterpack on smp6 or follow this link

    Thanks for reading - please share this post to new players when you can!

    - MissMadison910

    P.S If you have any suggestions or would like to share opinions, give advice, make comments, please do not hesitate as I love receiving feedback!
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  3. Hmmm what about wheat, melon, and pumpkin seeds? Also they would need food...love da idea though!! ;)
  4. Thanks for the suggestion - how could I have not thought of that already? *added*
  5. *blushes* your welcome :)
  6. Can we use our alts ?
  7. Probably not :p
  8. Hey,

    I'm restarting from the ground up after my ban, and so would I be able to purchase this? My alt was older, but I only ever used it for farming and it never got anywhere until now.
  9. That's a loophole I had given some consideration to - the answer is no, sorry, not unless your main account is 30 days old or less.

    How long ago were you banned? I suppose I could sell it to you considering all your items were deleted as you were purged after your ban.
  10. I was unbanned well....
    I appealed on April 23rd...
    Was allowed back on around about June 1st...
    I think I'm still eligible.
  11. Okay! Let's give it a go! Send 500r to Mad1s0n and I'll set up a chest for you :D
  12. Check your inbox! :)