5003 Wood Farm

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  1. If you don't know me I am a diamond supporter happy to call SMP1 home. Most people know me for one of my old businesses on the server. I had a small wood farm and shop called Royal Danish Woodmastery. I started the business of 300r in supplies and ranked in a 40k in total. Not bad. I am about to go through a major upgrade. When I bought diamond supporter I wanted to continue with wood but i wanted to do something much bigger and better. I am proud to announce the unveiling of the "Justin Guy Memorial Tree Farm". My old farm covered about one res and was one story tall. puny compared to Splinterville nor was mine public. One major upgrade is size. My new wood farm will be 17-18 stories depending on supplies. after doing some math I found some figures comparing size of splinterville and my old one. The new farm will be approximately 65x bigger than the old one and 16x the size of splinterville. One cool thing about this farm is it's convenient location. The farm will be located at 5003 in utopia, right across the street from spawn. One res north. In walking distance. One of the advantages of it in utopia is that supporters can fly which makes it easier to chop trees and also no night! Memberships will be 10k with financing options if you don't have the money right away. There will also be a country club for members with archery, rentable hotel rooms, a bar, a a restaurant, a pool, a dance floor and monthly parties. You can lend your membership to a friend for a short period of time for 100r and a monthly limit of 5 people for a period of one week each. This is to make it so people don't cheat on memberships. I will eventually post rules and more info. COntact me for info