5000 rupees giveaway

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  1. The giveaway has ended, I will choose the winner once I checked the entries with an EMC staff.

    Original post:

    I have difficulties picking a new skin from the following 4 and I am feeling generous today that I am going to giveaway 5000 rupees alongside with some random items.

    EMC limited edition horse!*
    5000 rupees
    4 diamonds*
    A stack of stone brick*

    *Free delivery included

    All you have to do is the check out the skins below and choose the best one for me by filling in this form. The giveaway will end on 1st October, 2013 or once I got 75 entries, then I will pick the winners using random.org .


    Good luck;)
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  2. submitted :) ~FDNY21
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  3. I can't see #1
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  4. Forgot to set proper access permission:p, try to click the link again
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  5. My skin used to be skin number 2 so thats why I chose it :p ~FDNY21
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  6. I think skin 2 will look great :) I could make you one, but i suck at doing it :)
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  7. I created skin #1 during a long distance flight because I am so bored.
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  8. Added a limited edition horse to the giveaway
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  9. Well, i would say that Skin number 1 is great because its purple and hot pink, the two greatest colors in all of the SMPs. If not that one, then number 2, but again, i prefer the first skin.
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  10. Iron patriot is the best :D
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  11. Voted :3
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  12. Can we use alt accounts? :D
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  13. Entered mine in a few days ago, just wanting to get updates on the thread xD
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  14. No. :)
  15. Because then Jack and Jc will take over D:
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  16. To be honest I am a fan of minimalism. Try to compare my skin to other typical MC girl skins:
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  17. My thoughts exactly. The first skin is so awesome! The second one is a good second place, and skin 3 and 4 I wouln't suggest using :p
  18. Voted for #2, hope it helps! :)
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