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  1. This is NOT a thread for likes, its just me celebrating my almost 500 likes. ( i have 499 as of now )

    And i was just gonna thank everyoe who follows me, likes my comments, and enjoys my presence on EMC. Thank you.
  2. I got you to 500! YAY
  3. You know, you gave me many likes, I gave you many likes, helped you from 300 to 499 xD
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  4. Yupps!
  5. Iisstillmoarprah
  6. Why you all celebrating likes and posts? I couldnt' care less how many posts i made and how many likes recieved..
  7. I suggest that we, as a community, should unlike all posts from Miss Piggy! Just to have some fun with it :p
  8. Because celebrating is fun! Don't go and be a kill joy. He is obviously happy! :D
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  9. :rolleyes: mm.... hm.... allright..
  10. Wait.. are you being sarcastic with me mister?
  11. No :rolleyes:
  12. Dont talk about my wife. :p
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  13. This was sooo so you could get that last like to 500 pig lol :)
    But Congrats! :)
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  14. :p Maybe....
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