500 Posts! Ask Me Everything!

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  1. Well, it appears I've gone pretty far here. 500 posts, I thought I was at 200 or something of the like. I remember my first post...
    Anyway, in celebration of my 500 postingness, ask me EVERYTHING! Also, I intend on staying active on this server, but school is nearing, so I'll be on significantly less. Once again,
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  2. Where do you keep your spare toaster?
  3. Under the first toaster.
  4. What is your favorite food besides toast
  5. Ribs. BBQ Ribs.
  6. What do you keep under you're spare toaster?
  7. My spare spare toaster. You never know how many toasters you'll need!
  8. What is under that?
    And that?
    And that?
    And that?
    And that?
    And that?
    And that?
    And that?
  9. Toaster
    Car Keys.
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  10. nowones asked this so i guess i'll be the one. Could please follow me
  11. I have...
    Who are your 3 favourite mods of all time? (ICC and Justin are automatically awesome, remember?)
  12. Yet I am still beating you... :p

    Anyway, it's time for the age old question... How did you find out about EMC?
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  13. Aikar, Maxarias, Ignoramoose. They're all awesome though..
    My friend Jim (eyewillkillu) told me about "This awesome server, where they give you this plot no one can grief and stuff." This was the day I both bought Minecraft and joined the Empire. Funny how I got my server right the first time..
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  14. Glad to see another nocturnal human :p

    It's 4AM. In the morning.
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  15. What grade are you in? Where do you live? How old are you? What is Do you like more jelly or jam? How long have you been on EMC?
  16. It's 11:13 for me, that's late in it's own right I guess. The amount of hours I stay up is dependent upon how good my internet is.
  17. It's 5:14 pm where I live (Hawaii)
  18. 9
    New Jersey, The part where they shot "The Sopranos", not the Jersey Shore
    Confound you and your trick questions!
    About 140 days.
  19. 11 o'clock is the time I go to bed on school nights. Lawl. On Saturday nights:
    I pretend to be asleep and then go on the forums for all hours.