500 Days Of EMC! I need YOUR help!

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What should I do for the community?

Public Iron Farm in Frontier. 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Public Mob farm. ( Gunpowder, Bones / Arrows ) 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Public 60x60 sugar cane farm. 1 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. In a few hours I will reach 500 days of Empire Minecraft. If you've ever seen me on the forums, in game or even heard me on mumble, you can tell that I'm a fairly ignorant person and I do come across as thinking I am better than others when that is not the case, if I have ever been rude to you or come across as being ignorant I apologize because that isn't who I am.I have done a few celebrations so this won't be a giveaway or anything, just I need your help with a project.

    I have lost most interest in the wild except for a few wild bases with some mates so I have resorted to living in town almost full time and figured I'd make something that isn't an eyesore!
    I plan to have a public building where others can set up shops in certain areas and sell there own things in my building.

    At 14006 on Smp7,( a spawn residence) I have started a build that consists of a lot of iron, redstone, lapiz lazuli and glass. Frankly, I don't have enough of these resources to continue the build so this is where you come in.
    If anyone would be kind enough I need excessive amounts of Lapiz, Iron and glass, and if you donate I can pay you back in a few ways.

    5k worth of goods- A sign on the residence and a personal message you can leave to advertise your own buildings or services.
    10k worth of goods- A sign^, A signed book from me (for what it's worth to you) and a little shrine-ish spot on the residence for you.
    15k+ worth of goods- Everything stated above^, A samsimx head ( me :p ) and your own reserved spot in the mall.

    64 Lapiz Block- 4k
    64 Iron Blocks- 1152r
    64 Redstone Blocks- 5k
    64 Glass- 70r

    If anyone has any suggestions or just wants to help me out in any way, let me know in a PM or down below because I'd love to make this more community-friendly since it is for you guys.

    One last thing!
    -If anyone has a story of something we did together, or something of me, please share and I'll give a samsimx head to my favorite story I hear :p
  2. How much do you need in Total you think
  3. We haven't seen a witch farm here yet.
  4. I haven't done a total estimate, probably a sc of lapiz blocks and 10-16 stacks of iron blocks.
  5. I Will see what im going to donate
    I do want your head XD
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  6. Bump, still need help.
  7. Do i put. Chest on my res for you or do i drop it on your res
  8. Im online at the moment, you can come by and drop it off in a chest
  9. Im in wild
    Going to town tomorrow
  10. mob farm we do not have one yet....i can help build :)
  11. This would've been better in a PM since the post is about my res, but good to know.
  12. Im sorry i thought i would just post a suggestion :/
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  13. You can pick it up on my res
  14. We talked for two straight hours on mumble about Pokemon. And I found a shiny...
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  15. Erm... I'll see what I can do. I want that head!