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    Welcome to the Apocalypse Town Contest!

    What is it?:
    The apocalyptic town contest is one of the first branching contests to ever hit EMC!
    This contest will have a dynamic prize pool and a dynamic category system, read below to find out more.


    This category is for your run of the mill nuclear apocalypse. Everything here should be feeling of radiation. Horrible conditions, but sheltered from both the elements and the predators that the apocalypse created.

    Build Specifications:

    Texture Pack: VaultCraft
    Size: Please make builds no more than 150 x 150 square, as high and or as low as needed.
    Mode: You may use creative and any inventory mods needed, do not use modded blocks or items. WorldEdit is perfectly allowed.
    Map: You may use either super flat or normal. Please keep in mind of what block types are used in super flat however.

    Prize Pool:
    50,000 Rupees - Nuclear
    0 Rupees - (Next Category)

    50% - First Place
    25% - Second Place
    15% - Third Place
    10% - Community Winner

    Donations for Prize Pool:
    If you wish to donate to the prize pool please contact me via PM, with the title PA Contest Donation
    I am currently only accepting rupees donations.

    No one. You people are cheap :p

    How to get more categories:
    For every 50,000 rupees donated to the prize pool, a new category of post apocalyptic town will be added. If 50,000 rupees are not donated, but a smaller amount is those rupees will be added to the Nuclear category. If more than one category is present, (as in 131,000 rupees are raised as an example), then the rupees donated will be divided out between all currently active categories.

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be selected by me.
    Community Choice will be the community's favorite map, that does not win one of the three main prizes. Voting for this winner will take place for a week on a Google Document.

    Time Limits:
    Nuclear Category
    The Nuclear Category will end Monday July 22, winners announced 1 PM EST.
    All submissions are due July 21 3 PM EST.
    Community Voting will end July 29 1 PM EST.
    Donations for this category (and more categories) are due by July 21 10 PM EST.

    How to Enter:
    Your build must be finished at time of entry.
    Please PM me with the link to where I can download your world. Please title the PM [Category Name] PA Town Submission. Then post on this thread that you have entered.

    If anyone has any suggestions/suggestions/comments please let me know.

    I also need some form of signature for this. Please PM me for details, titled PA Town Contest Signature.
  2. Can a Staff member please change the title to [50,000+ Prize Contest] Post Apocalyptic Town?
  3. Wow this is pitiful. The EMC building-for-fun community is dead. I know I shouldn't be saying anything considering I haven't done anything but sharing for the contest, but still I'm sure there are plenty of post-apocalyptic "fans" on EMC that would be eager to get into this.

    It just saddens me to see this good of a contest, not that I actually care about rupees, go down hill of the start. Fluffinator obviously put a lot of time into this and it just saddens me to see that no one actually participated in it. Yeah, criticize me, I know I'm a hypocrite, but at least I shared this with people on the server I knew would be interested.

    Or, maybe I'm wrong. The only post-apocalyptic fan on EMC is fluffinator09, right? Haha, no.
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