50,000 block long Mineshaft.

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  1. The 50,000 block long Mineshaft

    Me (Joshposh70) and Dojodo are digging a 50,000 (Started out at 10,000) block long Mineshaft from spawn to an outpost and beyond. We will be posting reports about are diamond count/ Deaths and so on consistently.

    NOTE: We have both taken a week break as I am going away and Dojodo is building a nooby residence on utopia :)

    How we dig

    We dig 3 high, 1 block wide Mineshaft's at level 8-9-10 with 2 blocks between us on separate chunks, To increase diamonds. We use fortune on diamonds and lapis.

    So here are the statistics.
    Distance: 9000! (Updated everytime we log off for the night)

    Diamonds gems: 1089 aprox

    Death count: 0! (Yay)

    Spawners found (In caves aswell): 25 (19Cavespider and 1 normal spider, 4 zombie, 1 Skeleton)

    More to add as we think of them! :D


    1000 - Done 24/03/2012
    2000 - Done 24/03/2012
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    3000 Blocks - Done 24/03/2012
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    4000 Blocks - Done 25/03/2012
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    5000!! - 25/03/2012

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    6000 - 25/03/2012

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    7000 - 25/03/2012

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    8000 - 25/03/2012

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    9000! - 27/03/2012

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    12000 - 19/01/2013
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    13000 - 19/01/2013

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    14000 - 19/01/2013
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    15000 - 19/01/2013
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  2. How far do you think that we can go?
  3. So whats the progress? How far are you guys
  4. 1500 blocks
  5. Myself and Ryukk did the same thing on SMP2, from South outpost another 13k south in the end.

    We crossed around 40 ravines, over a dozen abandoned mineshafts and found so many stacks of ores.

    Hard, dull work though. :)

    Good luck!
  6. We already did 10K before the reset. So now were doing it again
  7. 230 diamonds already and were not even 20% of the way! :D
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  8. Which server?
  9. Ya what server cause I wanna help!
  10. Sorry guys, We don't want any helpers. Your welcome to join are teamspeak server
  11. hmm wat would happened if u miscounted
  12. F3
  13. F3 tells you your x,y,z on the map
  14. How about I sell u guys my Silktouch Pick I with Eff IV.
    increased profit 4 u guys :)
  15. We both have silk touches and fortunes Slum.
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  16. Nice idea, I look forward to your updates!

    How about 50,000 blocks? There is a prize at the end, I promise!
  17. what kind of prize?
  18. 2000 blocks guys! Wewt! :D