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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OpsBirdy, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Made this in Photoshop cs4 in about 5-10min. Just some basic outer Glow effect. I wanted to use a banner for my Hack Forums account signature space, but the ones here just don't make the cut.

    Taking advantage of the w650 h200 image space I have thanks to my Premium account on there, I decided to make my own little banner.

    Direct link: http://s18.postimage.org/m0i54z93t/Untitled_1.gif

    Just to add, the image above I'm fairly certain is w600 h150
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  2. The staff might not like this on hack forums, otherwise nice design...
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  3. -_-
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  4. Disregard the name of the forum, 99% of the users there are just their for either the gaming section, lounge, or the marketplace. Not allot to worry about.
    ^ Coming from 2 years of being around HF.

    Edit, and so the add that any attacks against other HF member is forbidden, so is Black Hat activity. being a member of the server any attacks would be forbidden.
  5. I am co-owner of a server that got hacked by people on hack forums. We had to restart weeks of work.
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  6. If you're a member of Hackforums and you know who on HF did it, why didn't you make a report? If you're not a member then I'm sorry your server got hacked so severely.
  7. Im sorry that had to happen to you :( And cool work OpsBirdy!
  8. Since when have we been running for three years?
  9. ^

    Since when have be even been running for two?
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  10. There are also 10 servers, not 9.
  11. Looking good, Hack Forums?
  12. 9 servers dedicated to members, 10 servers if you're gold+ not much a regular member can do on utopia.
  13. Coughcoughrunfordiamondscoughcough
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  14. If it was run for diamonds then they wouldn't allow equal rights for the golds on the server as well now would they?
  15. ... What?
  16. Run for diamond is an activity run by a diamond supporter, and anyone can compete. It is not a server or something run only for diamond supporters.
  17. Closing thread.
    Please do not mention sites that have anything to do with hacking.
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