4x Picaxe pack

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by serialkicker, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Item:
    2x Unb III
    1x Fortune III, Eff IV, Unb III
    1x Silk Touch, Eff III

    Unused - all diamond

    Starting bid:

    Minimal bid increment:

    Auction ends:
    24 hours after last bid.

  2. Can mod put [auction] in the title, please, i always forget... :confused:
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  3. No one like my picks? :eek:
  4. Its a high starting bid.
  5. Well, it's worth well over 10k and i don't want to risk and sell it for 3k. Besides it most likely would go over 10k so i spared you some time :D
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  6. It is!? 10k
  7. It only worth about 10k soooo, I'm not gonna bid further!
  8. That's fine. I'm not big on rupees anymore so I just buy away. I want another silk touch too.
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  9. Looks like I can't ever put a price on these stuff. Either I come on the server and experienced player are selling same as my fortune pick above for 12-15k and silk touch for 7k, then next time some guys that i see them for the first time telling me they get silk touch for 2.5k and fortune for 6k.... And it happens again and again and again...
    I have just put something in between there and hope for the best :D
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  10. MoeMacZap has won the auction! I'll set up a chest for you, thanks! :cool:
Thread Status:
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