4th Of July Firework Show

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by legokeeper2975, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, legokeeper here and my brother and I are going to be hosting a firework show on the 4th of July. I will post a time ASAP. The show will be at legobuilder09's residents and we will be working hard to bring you an awesome show. See you guys there!
  2. Quick note. You can include creeper fireworks without it being horribly expensive. Just use your head.
  3. I have one of every firework I believe and it will be at around noon eastern standard time so cant wait to see you guys there
  4. Im sorry to inform you but the show will be posponed until noon tomarrow things came up last second
  5. Aww okay, I have to work then, but have fun!
    *goes to party by herself now*
  6. Sorry can't come out of town :(
  7. Cool, I'm hosting a firework show too!
  8. I missed it…
  9. well we did end up having the show we did get home on time and I thought we would be late. if you guys missed it sorry my brother and I will try to work something out. Ill keep you guys updated. once again sorry for the confusion.
  10. Does that work?