415's The Color Game

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  1. Hello. I built a game (took me 2 hours because redstone isn't working that well (aikar probably broke it xD)

    Anyways I just finished playing it for like an hour.

    Basicly you just pick a color and hope not to have your color chosen.

    I guess I'll just random ask in town chat if people wanna play but I'll always be playing it at 7PM EST every day.

    *Coming Soon* A Random Color Picker Generator

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  2. Also There's Prizes Every Night If I get Donations and I just notice I've been capitalizing the beginning of every word...
  3. Something doesn't work? It's Aikar's fault. You got hacked? It's Aikar's fault. A creeper killed you? It's Aikar's fault. Your "friend" griefed you? It's Aikar's fault.

    Aikar is cause of all our problems?

    (It's a joke)
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  4. What is this secret Graveyard that your picture has now made not so secret????
  5. I read that as soon as I wake up and start feeling bad until a couple minutes later when i saw (its a joke)
  6. Yes.
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  7. Yay! I'm in there with my awesome phoenix skin :)
  8. Its ALWAYS Aikars fault.
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