4149 CASINO smp2 Coming your way!

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  1. Hello there members of the Empire. I am proud to announce that there is a new casino coming your way on smp2. I have just started the actual construction with TheCrafter10 and the initial outer design has been finished and you can see it here:
    By the way the emerald ore shown will all be stone bricks. Both me and TheCrafter10 have redstone experience and have begun to design these on a creative world. At the moment the only thing in our way is a little bit of funding is needed. Which is why we are allowing you guys to sponsor a floor in our casino! Not only do you get to name your floor but you get a big face of your skin right on the ground! The earlier you sponsor a floor the better as you get to help us decide on where everything goes and what material goes here and there etc... If you are interested in sponsoring a floor please start a conversation with me and Thecrafter10. Sponsoring a floor will cost 100k.

    Long live the empire,
  2. Bumpity bumpuroo
  3. Me love it! I will donate 1k!
  4. Awesome! I don't have 100k to donate, but I can be free labor and get some materials :)
  5. Sorry I am reluctant to sponser 100k cause um yeah.,1577
  6. haha I understand :)
  7. Progress is being made and you can go check it out at 4149 on smp2! :)
  8. Price of sponsoring a floor is negotiable with me in a pm. :)