40k blocks later..

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  1. I have literally been sailing 40k blocks with no sight of land.. xD 2013-07-16_05.18.11.png
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  2. On what server?
  3. OF course.. I go to post the forum post while I'm out in the middle of the ocean, I come back.. and I'm dead somehow..
  4. I lol'd on skype <3 :)
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  5. This is getting absurd. People should not be randomly dying in their boats on the open ocean. I don't know what's causing it, but this is at least the third instance (including that "Treasure Hunt" last week with my journal) that's been posted about in the last few days. Who knows how many times it's happened that hasn't been mentioned. -_-;
  6. I went to check out your death spot, found your items still in the ocean and threw them in your vault. The only thing I can think of is while you were 'afk' you got hit by lightning, which broke your boat. It was storming kinda heavy when I went there.
  7. thank you very much ICC. I appreciate it
  8. Yea, but, the weirdest thing for me when I died, was, there was no storm.
    It was night time and it was very clear. So...
    wow... I am afraid to boat now because I go afk a lot...
  9. Maybe the kraken....
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  10. Very Strange That happened to me once but i went back to Mc when I still had some bubbles so I was able to save my self :p
  11. Were you AFK when it happened to you?
  12. Well... No... I was in the middle of typing to Jacob in minecraft... If you look on The Answer thread, you can see that... It's kind of weird... Luckily Shaun got my stuff and vaulted over to my res for me <3
  13. A yet to be seen sea monster?
    Or just a collision with a squid?
  14. Could running into squid break a boat?
  15. Yes, I think so, but better check.
  16. Yes, but it's not an insta-kill and takes time to drown. It's very different from suddenly "BAM, NOW YOU ARE DEAD."
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  17. Why squid! WHYYYY!!!!!!
  18. Exactly, I die in water from hitting the ground too hard? That doesn't make any sense.
  19. Enraged squids?
  20. I farm squid for ink. If they go enraged, I expect full "ink & quill" books to drop. :rolleyes:
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