4005 is open!

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  1. 4005 is now open after over a month of building. Enjoy! :)
  2. Looks awesome! =]
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  3. Its about time you went to bed! And I will check it out :)
  4. Suggestion: When you get diamonds, Sell them for like.. 53r
  5. YAY! I did some lighting btw guys. I now have a place to uselessly waste huge amounts of money.
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  6. Thank you guys :)

    I might change the diamond price later, but right now I like it :D

    A nice photo;

  7. ABOUTTIME You know I'm J/K Woot! :D
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  8. I still don't have move perm :(
  9. You don't? You sure? /v 4005
  10. can i plz have move alex??
  11. Oh I didn't have move perm an hour ago, now I do! When is your enchantment shop going to back? And do you need anything restocked?
  12. Try and restock logs please! :D Hmm, I never took your move perms so that's strange :)
  13. By never your meant always XD, remember you banned me for
    taking advantage of an typo-error on your sign twice!
  14. Yeah haha, I meant on this one :)
  15. Looks nice.
  16. Thank you everyone - please sell anything! :)
  17. As long as they're that low they going to be outstock, I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT... >; D
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