4002 is now a public sheep farm!

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  1. For those of you on smp2, the sheep farm is now public at 4002! I am starting my last semester at Texas A&M and decided it was just easier to make it public. Feel free to shear til your heart is content (or you go crazy from the sheep baaaaa'ing at you)

    A couple of rules:
    1. Do NOT dye or kill the sheep. It bothers everyone and will get you banned from the residence if you are caught.
    2. Use common sense when breeding. Do not breed when there are so many sheep that you cannot move, its just not smart and makes the lag worse with no profit.
    3. You can sell to the chests to make some extra rupees if you need to but you must use your own shears. I will set up a shear buying chest next time i am on.

    If you have any suggestions for the farm (organization, etc), feel free to post =D


    I reserve the right of refusal of move permissions to any member of the EMC community who does not abide by the rules posted here as well as does not display a sense of community when using the farm. This farm is public because I want to help the community be able to build amazing things (10,000 wool is normally not cheap) , but if i notice that people are taking advantage of others through use of this farm or that the community's economy is being adversely affected, then I will make it a private farm once more.

    Also, if someone asks who sells wool on the server, I will almost always let them know it is free to shear at 4002. If that upsets you because it is hurting your business, I do apologize, but every community member should have equal opportunity to the use and knowledge of the sheep farm.
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  2. It's awesome all these new community buildings! Go EMC community!
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  3. Nice! Does anyone know if the one on 911 is still a sheep place?
  4. It still has free sheep shearing also.
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  5. All users of the farm, please read the edit section above as a clarification for some situations I have had.
  6. 4002 makes me lagg XD
  7. ill check into if people are overbreeding and maybe cut the population down some
  8. Iknow for sure that there is over 200sheeps =P
    Aikar said to only have around 150 per residence =P
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  9. I do apologize. I never saw that post by aikar. I will go ahead and lower the amount on some of the floors though i dont know if i will get it to under 150.
  10. It was posted on the dragon event info thread, he said we can have 150animals per residence, because of SOMEONE had thousands of villagers xD (not giving names tho haha)
  11. Though I think it should be fine as it is more spread out...?
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  12. Awesome runs to smp2 with shears .....ouch cut myself :p
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  13. I've decided that I will lower the amount of sheep on each floor and more so on the weird colors like cyan, lime green, light pink, etc...
  14. They all make my video card die and want to leave that area, :p
  15. I never have this problem so I do not understand. The surrounding residences are mostly mine and i never notice lag. But as I have previously stated, I am minimizing mob populations.
  16. How much ram do u have in your pc.
  17. She's got 4 gig's in the laptop she normally uses.
  18. mine has 4 gig's but only 3 is usable, and my labtop is like 6 years old, but i try and keep the windows up to date.