400 Day Book Hunt!

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  1. In 4 Days I Will Be 400, So I Have Decided To Have A Book Hunt!
    Around My Residence (19146) Books Will Have Been Placed In Various Locations. All You Have To Do Is Show Up On The 9th March At 6PM GMT
    (Unless I Say A New Time)
    (Note, Only Shows One Protection 1 Books, There Is 2)
    Also If You Find A 500r Book Please Return it
    Also I May Or May Not Host Other Things (If I Do Drop Party Wont Be Happening, I Am Far To Poor :p)
    OK One Final Thing, Sign Hunt, Locate The Signs Around My Res For Prizes!
  2. Is this today Runder because its not stated
  3. I asked him online its in 4 days :D
  4. is it today runder?
  5. It says so on the description that its in 4 days....
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  6. yeah never mind its on the 9th
  7. BUMP!
    Starts At 6PM GMT
    If You Are Coming Can You Tell Me?
  8. cant wait :)
  9. How long till the hunt? I use a different time than you
  10. check on google type (the time zome your in) to GMT
  11. google type says something else, it has nothing about comparing time
  12. Rundercaster can u announce on the thread about 2 hours before it happens? Cuz I don't know whats the exact time for this....
  13. I ment type in google (your timezone) to gmt XD
  14. Ohhhhhhkkkkkkkk
  15. Ok, so around 2 hours later... Perfect
  16. 3 mins from now!
  17. Nuuuu the fire floor is happening now ;(
  18. and so it starts
  19. I was in fire floor, comin