4 x Lvl 50 Enchanted Pick!!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    Here I am with a MASSIVE auction!

    4 x lvl 50 Picks!


    Used 3 times, still got a lot of juice left in her :D



    4 x lvl 50 diamond Picks
    Starting big: 35000
    Increments: 1000
    Reserve: 43000

    Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid.
    I will set up a chest for the winner after the auction
    No buyouts and no server sales - the last bidder can be sure he owns the pickaxe.
    Good luck!
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  2. I don't even have that much money :p Good luck selling those beauties :)
    This post was actually to bump an awesome auction
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  3. Thanks :)

    Nice grey txt :D
  4. Uhhh, Yea, unless you make me an absolutely awesome offer that I would die a million times for :D

    Forgot to add the reserve in the description, I will add it in :)
  5. mother of god, this is one rediculous auction!
  6. wouldn't it have been easier just to make the starting bid the reserve price?
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  7. haha lol, touche
  8. well disregard my bid then, as it's now pointless :)
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  9. Ok :)
  10. Thank you Nurgles! Let the auction begin!
  11. Bidding stands at 48K, I am surprised shaun isn't apart of this lol
  12. This one is above my pay grade, individually I may have had a chance :)
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  13. 50k =)
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  14. Dang you Ishooch! :p
    Well, I think this is approaching too close to actual retail value on these picks, so I'm out. Have fun! :)
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  15. that silk touch is a great find... very rare.. you could get ores forever XD.
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  16. Very true, unbreak 3 on silk touch is the dream... but I already have one, and another without unbreak. :p
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  17. You are making this very opposite of the bidding war i thought it would be XD.
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  18. Well, I will be doing individual ones after this, :)