4 stacks blaze rods

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  1. Looking to sell all 4 stacks of blaze rods for 4352R

    Any takers?
  2. XD Where do you accumulate such large amounts of goodies? Have you been storing them up ready to sell one day? Haha. I might be interested. Just give me a minute to check something
  3. yeah im trying to sell everything i have so that i can open up my new residence. Im off for the night but will check this in the morning
  4. i only have 2K but i will for that
  5. I will buy them all :) 17r per blaze rod seems like a good price to me.
  6. damn y u beet me to it :eek:
  7. Cos I'm amazing. ;)
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  8. Please I have 3 chestful's of those babies. I waste them for something ;)
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  9. all yours. contact me when you're online
  10. Sure thing. I'll be on around 11.30am (about 4.5 hours from now) when I get home from university :)
  11. o.0 I an never get that much rupees xD Poor folk like me, why, I can't sell notin' yet!
  12. im online now. SMP4 is where im located.\
  13. I'm online now if you are. How about I pay you and you set up an access chest for me to collect it from your res? Or set up a chest for me to buy from and put it in a room only I can access?
  14. meet me at 8506 smp4... Ill be working there :)
  15. Good sale. :D

    I jsut gave about 16 stacks of them away last week to some Delta team buddies.:p