4 High Cactus

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  1. So at the risk of everyone calling me a liar, I'm going to post this anyway.

    I just found a 4 high cactus in a newly generated area, I'm in utopia before the reset exploring more of this continent I found far away here's a screenshot.

    The area was black on the live map before I came here, so I'm certain no one placed it like that, and I know I didn't.

    Here's a pic of the live map where it is all the uncovered area is stuff I've explored:

    I'm guessing it's something weird because of the upgraded map, like the stripy forcefields, but I tried logging out and in again and it was still there.

    Anyway, I'm sure everyone will call me a liar or making a hoax.
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  3. 4 high cactus sometimes appear, but only if generated by the map, they won't grow 4 high if placed by the player
  4. That's weird. I've seen natural 4 high sugar cane a few times before but I've never seen a natural 4 high cactus.
  5. I don't think it spawned that way. I am NOT calling you a lair but it just seems weird, but the world might have a glitch it. But Not very likely.
  6. Well i just remembered that i did see a 4 high sugar cane in single player before 5 blocks from where i spawned.
  7. check mc wiki , there are some photos of 4-6 high naturally generated cactus , yes this also happens with sugar cane
  8. 6 high! Wow. Pretty big.
  9. Impressive find.

    *scouts for 133-high mountain*
  10. Strange. Only ever seen a 4 high sugar cane before. And that was in single player.
  11. oh cool, i've never seen one before I knew sugar cane could grow higher naturally, but not cacti.
  12. lol i just found a 6 high cactus i guess they're not all that rare after all, i should take more notice of cacti in the future

  13. Lol i have a cactus farm if you wanna donate or sell some to me, i sell 25r for 32, or buy for 20r
  14. Here is a picture of 4 block tall sugarcane that I just found on Utopia.