4 deaths and 2 sets of god armour later

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  1. Anyone managed 10 on marlix?
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  2. Dang. I don't think I've ever beaten marlix above 5, and that's with a ton of friends helping :p
  3. I managed 8 before with a friend helping, and 7 solo. :p

    This was actually a dif 10 marlix fight xD
    I just gave up and switched the dif to 6 after 2 hours. Hence effective dif of 9.
  4. I wouldn't dare go near a Marlix. That's quote impressive.
  5. wow mom is easy but that is insane 0-0 i should dredge up a few mo mo drop things i have XD
  6. I want to go against a marlix on diff 10 but im to scared XD Idk how that would go since i would be using marlix armor and a marlix bow and i have good aim :p except i dont have any guardians.....slaves.....but not guardians.
  7. never could find an easy way to farm marlix
  8. There isn't one. You could technically trap them but they have thorns on their armour, so that doesn't work either
  9. Bitemenow has killed Marlix Diff 10, its in his signature :)
  10. m8 you havent seen what ive done to try and farm him, even now do i have more ideas
  11. Nope, that's a momentus. And they're a lot easier to dif 10.
    pm me them, I'll try them out for you :)
  12. The question is did you profit or not
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  13. Resourse-wise or time-wise? Yes to the former no to the latter
  14. hmm....I did attempt this a while back, it was a failure. I think its time for a rematch.
    I'll post again in a couple days,...challenge accepted.
  15. what is "Skull Item"?
  16. Skeleton head.
  17. i solo marlixes on 7

    get the same drops just less vault vouchers lol
  18. I assure you, if you get 17 drag frags on 7 then you're super lucky. I've killed my fair share of marlixes on that dif.