4/11/2014 Misc Updates

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  1. Some misc updates was just released, but fixing up some bugs and tweaking needed things!

    • IcecreamCow added to special display on /p
    • /p is now smarter! It can tab complete player names who are online, but also supports only typing the start of a name! Try /p krysyy
    • Many bugs with Custom Mobs should be fixed (E Creepers killing themselves, Marlix dieing randomly, a core piece of code they all share had a bug that caused unexpected behavior)
    • Last vote will no longer show 40 years ago for never voted.
    • Removed Herobrine most Zombie Plague references (Forgot settings)
    • Fixed name casing issues on Voters Armor
  2. Especially happy about the vote thing. Thanks, aikar.
  3. Good update.
    Great that you do "patch note" threads :)
  4. Good job and thanks again Aikar.
  5. Woot! Thanks Aikar!

    This will come in handy when I /p :3 huehuehue

    that was horrible...I'm sorry :(
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  6. Yes... yes it was. But I lol'd so I forgive you. ;)
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