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  1. Does anyone have a 3Ds?? If you the post your friend code below so we can swapnote each other. This will be cool. My friend code is: 1504-5826-7829

    My name is Tuppet (not my RL name :p)

    Make sure you tell me what your friend code is. :)
  2. Dont tell me no one has a 3Ds:eek:
  3. Mine Broke
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  4. darn
  5. This should be in the gaming section. Also no, I just have a ds, and a dsi.
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  6. Oh ok you are right. Maybe a mod can change witch forum it is under...
    You should get a 3ds
  7. They cost a lot of money.
  8. I think its worth the money.
  9. Any one have a 3Ds?
  10. Now I wonder if anyone has a Wii friend code or Xbox gamertag
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  11. Maybe more tht then3ds. But thre has to be SOMEONE wiyh a 3ds...
  12. Does some accualy have a3ds?