3DC's of cake

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  1. Item: three double chests of cake
    Starting price: 1500r
    minimum bid increase: 250r
    End of auction: 24 hours after first bid
    Collection: residence 8070 in smp4 (msg me after you have paid)
    Posted: send rupee amount plus 50r extra post a comment before you pay 50r extra
    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour
  2. ill give you a bijillion ruppees!! Err...i wish :( :p count me out.
  3. lol :3
  4. Please only post bids or questions regarding the auction :)
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  5. BUMP!
    plus if you can then plz get more people to auction on this (copy the link)
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  7. Shavingfoam is the winner with 2k if you want to have it mailed plz pay and ask on these forums thank you
  8. Wooo thanks TehrandomX! I will pay and pick it up on your res later. :)
  9. kk go to my res and wander around until u see a bakery it has a sign and go upstairs :D
  10. I found the bakery, but I can't find the chests. >.< Did you put an access sign on them?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.