3D Anaglyph Rendering Glasses -- Got Mine!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by bitfed, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. These were cheap enough with free shipping on Amazon that I'm going to give it a go in 3D.

    Has anyone else tried this? I imagine it could get hard on the eyes after a long session, but will give it a try.
  2. Let us know how it works out, I am curious to know. I don't buy this whole 3D experience though... The pornography industry hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet, 3D is not here to stay unless pornography enters this new realm...
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  3. lul skeletons should look cool
  4. Pornography is most certainly on the bandwagon. But the tech wont catch on fully until we don't need glasses.
  5. Uh... Dare I ask? Seriously, dare I?

    P.s this is your mother. I hacked this poor bloats phone and am replying to this. I'll ttyl on the phone. I'm very disappointed in you.

    Wow where did that come from?!?!??!?!?
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  6. hahaha :p Twitch twitch twitch twitch twitch, I am disappointed in you :p
  7. i dont care about 3d porn 4d on the other hand
  8. Aww.... Twitch gets -50 respect.

    Bad Twitch, bad.
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  9. Just arrived. Giving it a go now. Wish me luck.

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  10. Well I know 1 jump. I won't tell the name. it's gonna be bad for those below 18 here :p LOL
    Just a clue it's from china :rolleyes:

    EDIT: I didnt watch it. I know it because it's on the news.
    My country official banned it from coming into the cinema. LOL
    wonder if they manage to prevent the pirate disc too.
  11. Just wondering. Do I need screen with 120+Hz refresh rate? (I play on laptop and it's got 60Hz)
  12. +10 points for epic beardyness!
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  13. I like sound of 4D porn
  14. I know that, but it does not represent the entire industry. ;)
    I am not promoting it, it is just how the industry works...
    Look at VHS vs. BETA. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray.
    There are more examples, but I am lazy.... :)
  15. just wondering, is there anything special about those glasses? We used to make 3d glasses out of cardboard and blue and red cellophane when i was in school, would that work here?
  16. lol, thanks

    Definitely, as long as you can find cyan cellophane.

    No, it's just regular old fashioned R/B(Cyan) 3D.
  17. so, aside from all the people talking about 3d and 4d porn here, how do they work? i mean would it be worth to get a cheap pair?
  18. Yes and no. Yes if you have the extra money to get a cheap pair and then be comfortable with using them once and never again.

    With that said, my eyes started adjusting to them after an hour or so total throughout the day. Now when I put them on I don't have trouble, but at first it seemed like the R and C versions were too far apart and required my eyes to cross uncomfortably and unnaturally to see the 3D (or anything, really).

    It it super interesting, and I will spend more time trying it out, but it is also not quite there yet.
  19. Wonder how it's gonna be when 100 arrow fly toward u. :D
    I should get one to try out :D
  20. It's fuzzier when things are not in your field of focus... like in real life. It's actually a disadvantage because in regular minecraft your eyes don't need to adjust or change focus for you to see and react instantly.