3959 Smp2 Jennypoo10's Sky Mall [Buy/Sell]

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  1. I have a fairly new Sky Mall that I built this month on Smp2 at 3959 :p. It has 6 floors and sells many different kinds of items. There's a nifty teleport system to get from floor to floor :] and each floor has a different theme of items being sold.

    On the Lobby Floor, there is a Public crafting/Brewing Section (Furnace, Craft table, brewing table, cauldron), an Enchantment Area (lvl 48 Enchanting Max), a Spawn Eggs Section (cows, mooshrooms, ocelots, wolves, pigs, sheep, squid, chicken), a Diamonds, Iron, and Gold Section (all with varying price ranges), and a Donation Board! :)

    On the Red Floor, there is a technical area (sticky pistons, redstone, levers, ect.), Lava/water/iron bucket section, Nether Materials (glowstone, netherbrick, netherrack, ect.), and a potion section :).

    On the Orange Floor, there is a Glass/Sand Section (sand, sandstone, smooth sandstone, creeper, ect.), a Home Depot (brewing stands, enchantment tables, furnaces, note blocks, ect.), a Half steps + Stairs Section (includes Brick Blocks+ Clay Blocks), and an Advertisement Area (charges 200r per advertizement).

    On the Green Floor, there is a Nature Section (Saplings, leaves, seeds, cacti, vines, ect.), and a Food Section (Cake, eggs, mushrooms, steak, golden apples, ect.).

    On the Purple Floor, there is a Everything Wood Section (Logs, wooden furniture, doors, beds, bookshelves, craft tables, ect.), a Mob Drop Area (Slime balls, arrows, bones, feathers, blaze rods, leather, ect.), a Cobblestone Zone (Cobblestone, Stone bricks, Smooth Stone, Cracked/Mossy Stone Bricks, ect.), and a Soon-To-Be Library (coming in 1.3).

    On the Blue Floor, there is Wool and Dyes everywhere. (All colors)
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    I hope you enjoy my Sky Mall ;)! I put a lot of effort and time into creating the right prices and design of the entire building. Please BUY and SELL as much as you please :D.
    Smp2: /v 3959 2012-06-24_11.48.39.png
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  2. Looks great!!
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